Tooth Geometry:

ATB: AlternateTop Bevel (ATB) is a basic configuration amongst all manufacturers & quite versatile as it can be adapted for several applications. Basically a trapezoidal tooth cuts from the left followed by another trapezoidal tooth cutting from the right & so on & so forth.Some have a very acute bevel angle for delicate materials such as laminates, veneered materials. However the sharper the tooth, the more fragile it is & equally wears out quickly compared to an A.T.B with a less acute bevel angle.
The angle of the bevel can vary from about 10° to approximately 20°.The versatility of the ATB grind makes it a very common grind on many types of blades, especially woodworking blades. The bevel helps reduce tear out on cross grain and plywood cuts, is reasonably durable, and can still be fairly efficient at ripping with the grain.Essentially the steeper the bevel angle, the less tear out the teeth will cause, but also becomes increasing less efficient at ripping as the bevel increases. The ATB grind is very well suited in a configuration with a higher tooth count dedicated for cross cutting where quality of finish is a prerequisite ( cabinet maker for example), by the same token equally versatile as a medium tooth count for general purpose carpentry.
To further complicate matters, some manufacturers do make blades that are a compromise between cross & rip cutting, with a set of teeth in a particular geometry followed by a raker tooth with a large gullet to clear chips. They are a compromise & work to some degree but do not excel in any specific area; some blades will have a zero or neutral hook angle; again something to bridge the two main types, the quality of cut is average. Again OK perhaps on a building site where a cut joist will be installed in a roof & hidden, but maybe not quite what a kitchen fitter would favour for cutting a worktop to length for instance.

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