Hans and Baümier Premium Quality circular saw blades

Hans & Baümier premium quality circular saw blades video demonstration

Video demonstration on the cut quality of our circular saw blades with brief description of our Premium Quality circular saw blades cutting performance. Whether for rough carpentry work to the most intricate projects, rip cutting or cross cutting, be it non ferrous metal to laminates or solid woods to even plastics, we make high quality blades at a more approachable price. We ship throughout the European Union & beyond.


One thought on “Hans and Baümier Premium Quality circular saw blades

  1. Richard Robertson says:

    You have made a such as amazing video. I have about 100 rib bones (beef) with no meat on them. They have been cleaned and are ready to cut to the correct size for my project.

    I am wondering specifically if a concrete blade will cut them. I’m looking for a general cheap blade I can purchase to get the job done.


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