Hans & Baümier table & mitre saw blades

Hans & Baümier table & mitre saw blades
Hans & Baümier table & mitre saw blades as used by Andrea

Hans & Baümier table & mitre saw blades being reviewed in Croatia by Andrea’s workshop. Tour Guide by day, woodworker extraordinaire by night & a young master in the making. Most of Andrea’s work is hand built using only basic power tools to get the pieces down to size & then finished using hand saws, chisels, etc, etc… Just because Andrea’s power tools are somewhat limited, doesn’t mean he does the same with regards to quality of  preparation. Indeed a certain emphasis is placed upon the end results left by the blade. Here Andrea demonstrates the quality of cut & tells


of his opinion on the performance of Hans & Baümier Premium Quality circular saw blades. Go check out Andrea’s YouTube channel called Andrea’s Workshop packed with hand built pieces & shop tips on how to improve one’s woodwork.

To see the review: https://youtu.be/LH5Io_rJcIY

Here’s what Andrea has to say about our blades:

Yes, a new miter saw. I found Evolution too big and cumbersome to adjust for my small shop. And I seldom used 12″ cut capacity. It was quite some work. You put it well for Bessey clamps, they are German made and can pull a tank. Your circular saw blades are something I will never take for granted, my work has become so much better and they put smile on my face every time I cut some wood. You’re on par with Bessey but in a saw world. Kind regards.