Mafell KSS 50 18M

Extra Fine cross Cutting Blade

Mafell KSS 50 18M

160X20X36/60ZX1.8 blades for Mafell’s latest addition earlier this year to their range of mains & cordless cross cutting circular saws designed as a more portable & much lighter alternative to a mitre saw similar to Festool’s HK & HKC55. While Festool supplies their machines with an 18 tooth blade x 160mm outer diameter, Mafell supplies theirs with a 32 teeth X 168mm. However the  Mafell KSS 50 18M can be fitted with blades ranging from 160 to 168mm. Depth of cut is 58 mm as opposed to the 55 from Festool & both make use of 1.8mm kerf blades; in reality when one has reached 50 mm or so, it’s very unlikely to come across material much thicker to process. One will be hard pressed to want cutting beyond say a 100/150/200/250X50, etc. etc…(4/6//8X2) timber. Currently we supply two different superlative blades to complement these wonderful machines, the first has 36 teeth with an ATB tooth geometry positively set designed for cross cutting but equally capable to rip, whilst the other is an extra fine cross cutting only blade of 160X20X60ZX1.8 with a TCG geometry with the teeth set at a negative hook angle so as not to be as agressive as a positive set blade thus ideal for cutting plastics, thin cross section materials. Please note, more teeth equates to a slower feed speed, the redeeming feature however is the quality of cut has to be seen to be believed. The 160X20X36ZX1.8 offers a good compromise in both cutting speed and versatility as one can use it to rip as well. Two outstanding blades to choose from for the finishing touch that these machines merit. After all if one pays top dollar for these tools, surely they deserve the finest.


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